Software Craftsmanship

11-12 september 2024 i Linköping

The Software Craftsmanship movement strives to raise the bar for professional software development by practicing it and helping others to learn the craft. In this course we want to inspire you by practicing with us and helping us learn together.

Course description

In our brave new agile world where cross functional teams work together in parallel to add features in huge code bases, new demands are put on us software developers. Getting your program to work according to specification is no longer good enough. The code must be well-written and well-tested so that it can be easily understood and safely modified by the next developer.


The software craftsmanship manifesto addresses this need by emphasizing well-crafted software, steadily adding value to the software and working together as a community of professionals.


In this course we will practice writing what we call "Clean code" by the means of pair/group programming and Test Driven Development. We will discuss program structure, naming, comments, legacy code, refactoring and more. While the course will include theory segments, the focus will be on programming in practice where we hope you will learn from others as well as letting others learn from you.


We will supply laptops for the participants to use. They will have a development environment and support for many of the most common programming languages such as Java, C/C++, python, C#, golang, etc.


  • Introduction to Software craftsmanship
  • Clean code
  • Practicing by doing katas
  • Pair programming
  • Unit testing, TDD, refactoring

Vem vänder sig kursen till?

Software developers in all stages of their career.

Vilka förkunskaper krävs?

You should be fairly confident with at least one programming language.

Mål med kursen

By the end of this course we hope you will be inspired to continue practicing at home, to seek out or start up local communities and continue to grow as a software craftsman.


Kursen hålls lärarledd i klassrum. Ort för schemalagd kurs presenteras i informationsrutan för respektive kurstillfälle.


Martin Siverbäck and Ulf Ivraeus


Kurslängd: 2 days
Kostnad: 18.800 kr
Språk: English

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