Anette Roll Richardsen named one of top 50 women of influence in cyber security

SC Media have announced their 2019 top 50 women in the European Cyber Security sector that have had the most influence the past year as role models or campaigners. Watchcom’s CEO, Anette Roll Richardsen features on the list.

Anette joins an illustrious list of names, all of whom have made a significant contribution to the cyber security sector.

I am honored to be on the same list as these brilliant and hard-working women. I thank SC Media for their great initiative of highlighting female role models and giving recognition to the important diversity work that’s being done across the cyber security sector, says Richardsen.

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Anette is CEO of Watchcom Security Group, one of the Nordic's most renown agencies within cyber security. With a degree in Finance from Sweden and UT Austin, and over 20 years of experience working in different sectors and countries, Anette has extensive leadership expertise.

Being one of very few female CEOs within the cyber security field, Anette is passionate about diversity and is working actively to recruit more women into the industry. Amongst her initiatives is the non-profit forum “Women in Cyber Security Norway” and Watchcom’s annual Cyber Security Conference in Oslo, Paranoia

As CEO of Watchom and member of the Paranoia Program Committee, Anette has held a strong and successful focus on having a gender balanced committee and female speakers/role models on stage.

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Since 2017, Combitech has been the majority owner of Watchcom. Combitech is one of the largest technology consulting companies in the Nordic countries and together we are the largest in Cyber ​​Security in the Nordic countries.