Summer job 5G Performance Evaluation

At development of Radio Base Stations, it is important to evaluate the performance. In this summer job project, we are looking for two persons that have an interest in programming, and can work independently with good collaboration abilities. The two persons can work separately with the tasks below or just work together, during four weeks in summer.

Description of tasks for summer job

Task one: Trace parsing for a continuous analysis team.
Programming language you are using are Python and Pearl.

Task two: Draw interactive maps of performance evaluation drives for a SW-development team.
Programming language you are using are Javascript and other script language.

More detailed information will be given during the summer job interview phase.

About Combitech

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Our research-based methods for exchange of experience are unique as well as our training and talent development programs. For us at Combitech is very important with the balance between work, leisure and family life.

Are you one of the persons we are looking for? Don’t hesitate just to contact us with a description of yourself.