MASTER THESIS: Seamless connectivity to Combitech Gothenburg

Master Thesis: Seamless connectivity comparison LTE vs NR (New Radio) (mmW)


The 3GPP standards for mobile communication (GSM, WCDMA, LTE, and NR) provides means for transferring calls. The transfers depend, of course, on the end user equipment being able to deal with a specific standard. In the present thesis work we are interested in user experience. In particular, the standards LTE and NR millimetre wavelength (mmW).

Master Thesis Scope

The present thesis work will be conducted using a live test site for NR mmW and LTE. On the site all mobile activity can be monitored simply by using special mobile phones. Given the site and its’ physical environment we would like to understand the user experience. A first quest is to map the site into good and bad user events. This will provide a foundation to what user experience is.

Using the mapping a comparison of the LTE system behaviour and the NR mmW system can be conducted and described. We expect that good and bad user experiences can be characterized on the test site. Moreover, we would like to understand the differences in terms of user experience in LTE and NR mmW systems.

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